Thailand monitoring Myanmar situation, will work to end conflict

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Since the February 1 military coup in Myanmar, the Thai government has been relatively quiet on the situation in the neighbouring country, with a few statements urging for peace and an end to the violence after more than 700 people were killed by Burmese security forces. Some clashes between the military and ethnic troops have been along the Thai border, so close that some in Thailand could hear explosions and gunshots.

Thailand is closely monitoring the Myanmar situation, according to Department of Information director-general and Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Tanee Sangrat, who called it a “humanitarian crisis.”

“As a close neighbouring country, Thailand wishes to see peace, stability and the well-being of the people in Myanmar… Thailand does not have the ‘luxury of distance’, but has to take into account the reality of over 2,400 kilometres of common land border with Myanmar… This is why Thailand cannot afford to be complacent about what is happening in Myanmar.”

Last month, in a rare move from the United Nations, a resolution was adopted urging the Burmese military to cease violence and to prevent the “flow of arms” into Myanmar. Thailand abstained from voting on the non-binding motion.

Following the vote, Tanee told Thai media there were several reasons Thailand did not vote on the measure. He mentioned the land border, saying “Thailand does not have the luxury of distance or existential separation that many other nations have… What happens in Myanmar today has direct security ramifications for Thailand tomorrow.”

Thai authorities say they will work with other nations as well as the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance to help end the conflict in the neighbouring country.

“Without dialogue among the parties in Myanmar, resolution on existing economic and humanitarian problems, including the spread of Covid-19, would not be effective.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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