Thailand frights: TAT’s haunting new tour beckons Spanish tourists

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is targeting foreign tourists, especially from Spain, as plans get underway to launch a tour of haunted attractions.

The Deputy Governor of the European, African, Middle Eastern, and American Markets of TAT, Siripakorn Chiaosamut, reported on Saturday, June 8, that he discussed the project with the Spanish ambassador in Thailand and found that Spanish people would be interested in haunted tourist attractions or any attractions with mysterious stories.

Siripakorn explained that Thailand has many such attractions but the TAT had not yet officially promoted them. However, he saw that Thailand did not have to promote them extensively because the country was already well-known for them.

Siripakorn revealed that the TAT is preparing to introduce a haunted tour tailored for a particular group of foreign visitors. The focus is on international tourists, as domestic travellers show less interest in haunted locations.

Visitors from abroad will be immersed in the eerie tales surrounding each site and encouraged to confront ghosts or supernatural phenomena to test their existence.

Additionally, Siripakorn mentioned that TAT’s efforts extend beyond targeting solely ghost enthusiasts. They aim to attract other specific groups of tourists, including the LGBTQIA+ community. Despite not making an official announcement, TAT is actively promoting attractions and events tailored to this demographic.

As the 2024 Olympics in Paris are approaching, TAT joined hands with Carrefour to launch 2,000 tour packages in Thailand to encourage French people to come to Thailand when the city will be crowded during the Olympics.

Moreover, the French government also encouraged locals to travel abroad during the Olympics and put their homes up for rent to prepare facilities for visitors during the competition, so this would be a great opportunity for Thailand to draw French visitors to the country.

Siripakorn added that Thailand did not have any competitors in this campaign because the country was the originator of the idea.

In a related report, the Governor of the East Asia Market of TAT, Chuwit Siriwetchakun, revealed to Thai news agencies that the authorities are now contacting famous Chinese influencers and stars to be ambassadors of the Thai tourism campaign called Nihao Month, including Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, Zhao Lusi, and Bai Lu.

Moreover, TAT also cooperated with the popular art toy store from China, Pop Mart, to launch the Labubu Thailand Edition in July.

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