Thailand extends visa-free entry for Japanese business visitors

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Thailand’s Cabinet has given the green light to extend the 30-day visa-free entry privilege for Japanese visitors. The update, effective from January 1 next year, now includes Japanese business travellers.

The Cabinet, convening today, December 12, waved the magic wand on a proposal brought forth by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Deputy government spokesman Kharom Polpornklang spilt the beans, sharing that this move was geared towards fostering investment opportunities.

“From January 1 onwards, Japanese passport holders can not only explore the enchanting landscapes but also conduct business seamlessly in Thailand.”

This game-changing provision is not a fleeting affair. Kharom confirmed that the business exemption would dance its way through the calendar pages, ensuring a hassle-free entry for Japanese business visitors until December 31, 2026, reported Bangkok Post.

Senior spokesman Chai Watcharong emphasised the indispensable role played by Japanese business representatives in Thailand’s economic landscape.

“Our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun have consistently held the title of Thailand’s top investors and stand tall as the third largest trade partners.”

Highlighting the pragmatic significance of the visa exemption, the spokesman shared insights into the frequent visits by Japanese entrepreneurs.

“They often fly in for crucial business and investment deliberations, not to mention sealing the deal with signed contracts. This visa-free extension is our way of rolling out the red carpet for our esteemed Japanese counterparts.”

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