Thailand unearths lithium and sodium, amps up as EV battery hub

Thailand discovered two significant deposits of lithium and sodium, key ingredients for electric vehicle (EV) battery production, marking the country’s stride towards becoming a central and primary production base in the region.

Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Ministry of Industry’s expedited exploration led to the discovery of the lithium mines, known as Rueang Kiat and Bang E Tum.

In addition to lithium, Thailand also discovered substantial reserves of sodium in the northeast region. Both minerals are crucial for producing 100% EV batteries, reinforcing Thailand’s readiness to advance towards becoming a central and primary production base for EV batteries in the region.

Previously, India had made headlines for discovering lithium and emerging as a key player in the battery and EV industry. Now, Thailand also stands a chance to become a significant player.

According to the Department of Primary Industries and Mines, Thailand has discovered lithium resources exceeding 14.8 million tonnes, ranking the country third globally in lithium reserves, after Bolivia and Argentina.

This discovery of potential lithium-sodium deposits is both good news and beneficial for Thailand’s electric automotive industry. It positions Thailand as one of the countries with the highest lithium reserves globally, enhancing the nation’s competitive edge in electric car and battery production.

It attracts potential Thai and foreign investors to establish factories amidst international competition, setting Thailand on the path to becoming a primary production base in the region.

Forecasts suggest that global lithium demand will nearly double by 2025 and will require more than two million tonnes. Given the growth of the electric automotive industry market, discovering these two minerals crucial for EV battery production will enable Thailand to reduce imports and become more self-reliant.

This discovery, combined with the policies of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Srettha Thavisin, will make Thailand an increasingly significant landmark on the global map as it steps towards becoming a central and primary production base for EV batteries, reported Sanook.

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