Thailand among 13 countries eligible for Canada eTA, bypassing visa requirements

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Canada now allows Thai tourists to enter without a visa, provided they have previously had a Canadian visa or hold a valid US visa. The Canadian government announced this change yesterday, extending its Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) programme to 13 countries, including Thailand.

The Canadian government has revised its relocation and services programme to ensure greater efficiency and equality for people worldwide. John Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Border Security and Civil Affairs, announced that the eTA programme has been extended to 13 new countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Costa Rica, Morocco, Panama, the Philippines, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, and the Grenadines, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, along with Thailand.

Eligible travellers from these countries must have had a Canadian visa in the past ten years or be in possession of a valid temporary US visa. These individuals can apply for an eTA instead of a visa, effective immediately. However, those not eligible for an eTA or travelling to Canada by other means than air (e.g., car, bus, train, boat, or cruise) will still require a tourist visa.

Additionally, to obtain an eTA (digital travel document), one must apply through the official website and pay a registration fee of 7 Canadian dollars (around 180 baht). The eTA serves as a screening tool for travellers before they enter Canada, allowing them to stay in the country for up to six months.

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