Thai workers overseas contribute 60 billion baht in Q1

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Over 21,000 Thai workers were dispatched overseas in the first quarter of the 2024 fiscal year, generating nearly 60 billion baht (US$1.69 billion) in remittances, as disclosed by a leading labour representative.

The period of October to December saw 21,281 Thais heading overseas for work, half of whom, numbering 10,024, were recruited by the private sector, according to Pairoj Chotikasathien, the permanent secretary for labour.

A set of 7,709 individuals re-joined the workforce under the re-entry scheme. The government placed 2,015 workers, with the remaining 1,533 seeking employment independently, Pairoj revealed.

These employees collectively remitted an income of 58,627 billion baht (US$1.65 billion) back to Thailand, he stated.

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The labour secretary shared the ministry’s goal of deploying approximately 100,000 Thai workers overseas within the fiscal year, as part of a scheme formulated by the Department of Employment. He emphasised that Thai labourers abroad could seek assistance from any of the 12 Thai labour offices globally.

118,080 Thais are currently working abroad, with most being engaged in the agricultural, manufacturing, and construction sectors, Pairoj further noted.

He listed the top ten work destinations as Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, the US, and the UAE.

Labour Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn reasserted on Monday a policy to enhance labour skills to correspond with market needs, aiming to increase workers’ earnings.

Phiphat mentioned the ministry’s ‘Wage Rates for Skilled Workers’ initiative, covering 275 domains, several of which will accommodate foreign investments in the industrial sector, including electric vehicle production.

“Skilled workers are entitled to higher minimum wages, and those who meet the required standards in 53 fields are guaranteed a daily minimum wage of 600 baht (US$16.69).”

From January 1 this year, the daily minimum wage for unskilled workers increased by 2 to 16 baht, ranging between 330 and 370 baht (US$9.33-10.46), reported Bangkok Post.

In adherence to the government’s tourism policy, the ministry has established a target of 3.5 trillion baht (US$98.9 billion) in tourism revenue for 2025, intending to upgrade the skills of 400,000 workers in the sector, Phiphat stated.

The labour minister also noted that the ministry is collaborating with the Interior Ministry, the Education Ministry, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation to support individuals seeking to develop their skills.

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