Thai woman suspected of poisoning former mother-in-law

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Police questioned a Thai woman and her male friend after she was suspected of killing her former mother-in-law with a poisoned soft drink in the Isaan province of Udon Thani.

The 54 year old woman, Sarinee, died on July 1 after drinking a green mixed fruit soft drink left outside her home in Udon Thani. Her husband and son found her lying with foam around her mouth at about 11.30pm on the day of the incident.

Sarinee’s son, 37 year old Supachai, also drank the soft drink. Supachai felt unwell and vomited but he survived because he had only taken a sip of the beverage.

Supachai told officers from the Nong Wua So Police Station that he suspected his ex-wife, 34 year old Monruedee, was responsible for the murder.

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Supachai disclosed that he and his ex-wife had argued many times because she did not work or help around the house. She would often disappear for days without informing him of her whereabouts.

According to Supachai, his ex-wife and mother also argued frequently because his ex-wife was unemployed and did not contribute to the household. However, they would later forgive each other, and his ex-wife always maintained that she was not angry towards his mother.

Supachai revealed that Sarinee and Monruedee had argued two weeks before the incident. Sarinee criticised Monruedee for being useless and almost kicked her in the face. Sarinee warned Monruedee not to repeat her behaviour or she would be attacked. Monruedee left the house after the argument and did not return.

Channel 3 reported that police tested the remaining soft drink for toxic substances and found it contaminated with weedkiller.

Further investigation showed that the drink was distributed from the Non Wai sub-district, Nong Wua So district, Udon Thani, which is near Monruedee’s house. However, as of now, there is no evidence confirming that she was the murderer.

Monruedee and her male friend, Phitsanu, were summoned to the police station today, July 5, for questioning. The details of the questioning have not yet been revealed.


ORIGINAL STORY: Poisoned soft drink suspected in death of Thai woman in Isaan

A Thai man suspects that his mother was fatally poisoned after drinking a green mixed fruit soft drink that was left outside their shared home in the Isaan province of Udon Thani.

Officers from the Nong Wua So Police Station intervened in the funeral ceremony of the 52 year old Thai woman, Sarinee, at Tun Awang Temple. Officers requested Sarinee’s relatives to conduct an autopsy on her body due to the suspicious situation surrounding her death.

Sarinee’s son, 37 year old Supachai, revealed to Channel 3 that his mother died shortly after drinking half a glass of the green mixed fruit soft drink. His mother found three bottles outside their home and shared them with her son.

Supachai said he also drank the beverage but only took a gulp before going to sleep. He was later woken by an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach and vomited. He suspected his symptoms were caused by the soft drink and went to inform his mother.

Sadly, Supachai found his mother lying unconscious on the ground with foam around her mouth. His father-in-law was with her. He called the community leader and a rescue foundation but they could not save his mother.

Sarinee’s husband, 53 year old Tawan, told the media that he walked to the front of the house after finishing his housework in the back garden. Upon entering the home, he saw his wife lying with foam around her mouth and asked her what caused this.

Tawan said Sarinee pointed to the soft drink bottles. He asked her who gave her the drink but Sarinee had already lost consciousness and did not respond.

Tawan said he could not guess who poisoned his wife and felt very confused. Supachai insisted that his mother had no conflicts with anyone, just like himself. His mother was a friendly and cheerful person who also enjoyed drinking alcohol.

Supachai suspected the person who left the poisoned soft drinks at their home must be close to him and his mother because their dog always barks at strangers but the animal was quiet on the day of the incident.

Police are investigating the case and plan to question Sarinee’s daughter-in-law, Nong, and her neighbours.

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