Thai woman seeks help after brutal assault by ex-boyfriend

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A Thai woman in the eastern province of Rayong is seeking help after repeated harassment and a recent physical assault by her ex-boyfriend at her workplace, which left her with severe injuries.

The 31 year old victim turned to social media influencer Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet after officers from the Khao Chamao Police Station ignored her case. She was left living in fear as her ex-boyfriend, the attacker, remains at large.

The woman explained to Gun that she and the attacker were high school classmates. Their homes in Rayong were near each other, and their families were familiar. The attacker flirted with her, and they later entered into a romantic relationship.

The woman said she later learned of the man’s criminal history, including drug use and a gang rape case, but she gave him a chance to change. However, he began to display violent behaviour.

According to the victim, her ex-boyfriend was very jealous. He even followed her to the bathroom in the middle of the night, fearing she would secretly talk to another man on the phone. The jealousy escalated into physical assault, leading her to break up with him after ten months.

The victim reported that her ex-boyfriend had harassed her for over a year following their breakup. He allegedly broke into her home, stalked her, threw a glass bottle at her house, and physically assaulted both her and her new boyfriend.

The most violent incident occurred on June 7 at her workplace. The attacker, being a relative of the company’s owner, easily gained entry and repeatedly and brutally struck her with a keyboard.

Victim blaming

She lay on the ground with a bloody face until colleagues came to her aid. The attack resulted in a deformed face and an inner ear disorder.

The victim filed a complaint with Khao Chamao Police Station but the attacker was not apprehended, despite her severe injuries. Police claimed they were working on a more important case.

Gun contacted the attacker, who admitted to the assault, claiming anger and resentment because he treated the woman well during their relationship and even sought a job for her, but she cheated on him.

The attacker also claimed the woman’s new boyfriend had insulted and harassed him on social media, prompting him to attack both of them.

The man initially refused to apologise to the victim but changed his stance upon learning of the potential legal consequences. He promised not to attack or harass her again.

The superintendent of Khao Chamao Police Station personally took over the case after it gained media attention. He vowed to bring the attacker to justice and ensure the safety of the victim and her boyfriend.

However, there has been no report on whether the suspect has been arrested.

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