Thai woman nabbed for stabbing her husband’s 17 year old mistress

Photo via Channel 7 and Amarin TV

Police arrested a Thai woman after she stabbed her husband’s 17 year old mistress at her home in the central province of Kanchanaburi on December 12.

Amarin TV reported that the attack took place on December 12 at a house in the Tha Muang district of Kanchanaburi province. The attacker, 49 year old Auan, was arrested yesterday, December 14, and acknowledged her actions.

Auan revealed to the media that she had been working in Bangkok but had been unable to contact her husband, Pong, for the past few weeks. He did not answer her phone calls or respond to her messages on a chat application. She stated she suspected he was cheating on her, as he had done several times before.

Auan decided to take a few days off and rushed back to their house in Kanchanaburi province. She had a glimmer of hope that the situation was not what she thought and wished that her husband would not cheat on her again. However, her hope was shattered when she saw the 17 year old mistress, identified only as A, in her home.

Auan explained that she went to her relative’s house nearby, drank beer, and returned home with a knife where she stabbed A, causing the mistress to flee the scene. Auan said that she chased A and hit her on the head several times.

“I admit I did it (the stabbing). My husband had already cheated on me three times, but I forgave him because I loved him. I could not bear it anymore. My heart was overwhelmed. I went to work in Bangkok just to look after him and his stepdaughter. I do not know if I still love him or not.

Dating minor charge

The stepdaughter, Bee, revealed that her father was not home when her stepmother, Auan, arrived. Bee said her father arrived home later and took A to the hospital before reporting the matter to the Tha Muang Police Station.

The superintendent of Tha Muang Police Station, Pithak Wongwanich, revealed that A had wounds to her body, right leg, and both arms. She was in critical condition and remained under the close care of the doctor at the hospital, so she could not provide any information to the police.

Officers charged Auan with attempted murder for her violent attack. She would face half the penalty of the murder charge, which is life imprisonment or 15 to 20 years’ imprisonment.

Pithak revealed that officers would summon Pong for questioning. If he is found to have had a relationship and sex with A, he would be charged with depriving a minor of parental or guardian care and sexual assault of children.

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