Thai woman dies during rhinoplasty procedure in Bangkok

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A Thai woman died during a rhinoplasty procedure at a beauty clinic in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The dead woman reportedly experienced a cardiac arrest due to the inhalation of anaesthetics.

The deceased, Siriya “New” Dateraksa, died at Nithikarn Clinic in Rattanakosin 200 Year Anniversary Village on Rangsit-Pathum Thani Road in Thanyaburi district of Pathum Thani province at 4pm yesterday, June 15.

The rescue team and medical professionals provided CPR to the 25 year old New, but they were unable to save her in time. No visible wounds were detected.

New’s girlfriend, 29 year old Napaporn Sinuan, informed officers from Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station that New had initially undergone rhinoplasty at a different clinic, where she encountered an issue with her nose. So, she lost trust in the first clinic and sought a new one to solve the problem.

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According to Napaporn, New visited the clinic to remove some silicone from her nose and returned to the clinic on the incident day for a rhinoplasty procedure. Napaporn disclosed that she drove New to the clinic at 10am and went back home as the surgery took four hours, from 11am to 3pm.

Napaporn stated that she waited to pick her up but New did not contact her. She decided to go to the clinic and was in shock at seeing several rescuers and medical staff at the clinic. She rushed inside the clinic and discovered her girlfriend lying unconscious on the bed.

The clinic informed Napaporn that New had a high body temperature and lost consciousness after inhaling the anaesthetics.

Officers apprehended the doctor and other members of the clinic staff and took them to the police station for further questioning.

New’s lifeless body was transferred to Thammasat University Hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of her death.

In a similar incident in March, another Thai woman passed away six hours after breast augmentation surgery at Marichche Clinic in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province near Bangkok. Following the autopsy, the cause of her death was internal bleeding in her chest.

Her family’s lawyer discovered that the clinic only had a license for minor surgery, not complex procedures like breast augmentation surgery. Her family then demanded compensation of 10 million baht, and the clinic initially paid 100,000 baht for the funeral cost.

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