Thai woman attacked husband with knife for touching her vagina (video)

A Thai woman attacked her husband with a knife after he touched her vagina while they were drinking alcohol together in the Isaan province of Surin. The wife apologised, and the husband forgave her saying the incident kept their relationship lively.

Surin Rescue Foundation was alerted to the knife attack at a house in the Mueang district of Surin province at about 11am on February 25. They rushed to the scene and found a 59 year old Thai man, Chaiwat “Nok” Mueanmee, sitting on the floor with an injury to his left shoulder.

His neighbour covered the wound on Nok’s shoulder with a cloth to stop the bleeding. Rescuers reported that Nok bore a cut wound about three inches long. They gave him first aid before taking him to a hospital for further treatment.

His wife, 39 year old Sukanya “Geum” Manyuen, admitted to slashing her husband. She kept apologising to her husband as rescuers administered first aid. Geum said her husband touched her vagina and her body too hard when they were drinking together. So, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Geum claimed that she did not expect the attack to be so serious. Initially intending to playfully cut her husband, she was shocked by the amount of blood coming from the wound.

According to the couple’s neighbours, disputes between the pair were a frequent occurrence whenever they drank alcohol together. They had made headlines multiple times due to physical altercations.

The neighbour further disclosed that on February 24, Nok had reportedly stabbed Geum in the head. Geum returned home from the hospital later that day, only for another altercation to arise on February 25.

Despite the incidents, Nok insisted to both the rescue foundation and the police that he would not pursue charges against his wife. He professed his love for her, believing that their arguments were integral to strengthening their relationship. Nok even declared his intention to remain with her for the rest of his life.

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