Thai wife’s stab at redemption falls flat as she knives her husband again

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A Thai wife in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand grabbed headlines after stabbing her husband. Despite expressing remorse and pledging not to do it again, she proceeded to stab him a day later.

The 53 year old woman, Janjira, stabbed her 51 year old husband, Thamromg, at their home in the Phimai district of Nakhon Ratchasima on December 15 of last year. Thamrong lay outside their home screaming for help, and neighbours in the area helped take him to hospital.

Janjira told officers from Phimai Police Station that the stabbing happened while she and her husband were drinking alcohol in the house. Her husband was jealous that another man had visited the house earlier and shared booze with her.

Thamrong complained and they later engaged in an argument which turned violent when Janjira stabbed him in the back. Incredibly, Janjira said she did not expect the stab wound to be so severe.

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Thamrong spent 23 days in hospital and returned home on January 7. Channel 7 interviewed Thamrong and Janjira about the issue and the two agreed to let it go. Thamrong said he forgave his wife and loved her more than ever.

Janjira promised reporters that she would never stab her husband again or do anything violent because she loved him. The two also hugged and kissed each other in front of the camera.

Broken promise

Just one day after the promise, the rescue team hurried to the house once again to save Thamrong. Thamrong had been stabbed in the hand and face, and the assailant was none other than his beloved wife.

Janjira waited at the house to surrender herself to the police. She tried to shift the blame and justify the knife attack by informing officers that her husband had changed after being discharged from the hospital.

“He always argues with me. I do not know what he was talking about. It was nonsense. He did not give in anymore. He even started attacking me. It is strange. He is not the same. He had never been like that. He was never aggressive.”

Thamrong was once again admitted to the hospital for stab wounds. His current condition has not been made public. Even if Thamrong may forgive his wife, locals in the area will not.

They urged the police to instruct Janjira to relocate to other areas, stating that she poses a threat to people in the community.

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