Thai woman allegedly orchestrates attack and robbery of ex (video)

Photo via Channel 7

A Thai woman allegedly hired three Thai men to rob and attack her ex-lover yesterday after he allegedly swindled her out of 200,000 baht during their relationship.

The 29 year old victim sought help from an officer at Trat Bus Terminal in the eastern province of Thailand at around 3am, yesterday, June 30, stating that he had been attacked and robbed by three suspects. The man was wearing only shorts and had bloody wounds on his face.

An officer at the bus terminal reported the matter to Mueang Trat Police Station, who sent more cops to the terminal to question the man.

He recounted the incident, telling the police that a customer had ordered a second-hand white sedan from him and asked him to deliver it on Sukhumvit Road in the Khao Saming sub-district of Trat. He drove the car to the meeting point alone, arriving at around midnight.

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At the meeting point, three attackers approached him, covered his head with a black plastic bag, and physically assaulted him. The attackers then forced him into the car and released him at the bus terminal. The gang also stole his sedan and left a packet of crystal meth with him.

Police officers told Channel 7 that they had successfully identified one of the attackers as a 28 year old man named Rahul and believed that a Thai woman, the victim’s former lover, was involved in the incident.

According to police, the victim previously had a secret relationship with the woman, whose name was not made public. During their relationship, the victim sold the woman an SUV for 200,000 baht. The woman paid for the car but the man did not give her the vehicle.

Angry at losing the money, the woman allegedly orchestrated a violent attack and robbery of her ex by hiring the three attackers to pretend to order the white sedan car from the man and lure him to the meeting point for the physical assault. Updates on the arrest of the four suspects have not yet been reported.

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