Aussie man sues Thai ex after Danish affair & money swindle

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An Australian man is taking legal action against his Thai ex-girlfriend after she reportedly had an affair with a Danish man and swindled his money. The accused Thai woman, on the other hand, is also seeking justice, claiming the Thai police sided with her ex-husband and treated her unfairly.

Paralee Saemalakor, the 48 year old accused, approached the superintendent of the Mueang Pattaya Police Station for assistance. She alleged that two police officers had threatened her, demanding that she pay 400,000 baht to her Australian ex-husband, Stephen Graham Goodes.

Paralee explained that on May 30, two officers arrived at her home and informed her that she was being charged with swindling money from a foreigner, who she later learned was her ex-boyfriend, Goodes. Police ordered her to pay 100,000 baht to the foreigner to settle the case.

Paralee denied the allegation but, fearing imprisonment, decided to comply with the police’s demands. Unable to pay the full amount, she borrowed 30,000 baht from a friend. However, the officers refused the money and insisted on a minimum of 50,000 baht. Consequently, Paralee borrowed additional money and pawned her gold jewellery to raise the required 50,000 baht.

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The officers then escorted her to the police station, where they handed the money to her ex-boyfriend. They took a photo of the transaction as evidence and informed her that she still owed 350,000 baht.

Blaming each other

Paralee said the harassment continued even though she had already given the money to Goodes. He allegedly shared her picture on social media and insulted her in the caption by saying, “Hi, little whore.”

Paralee noticed strangers wandering outside her home, making her feel unsafe, and she eventually moved from Pattaya to Nakhon Nayok.

After consulting with a lawyer, Paralee learned that the police could not extort money from her and give it to her ex-boyfriend. She tried to seek justice from the Mueang Pattaya Police Station but they ignored her complaint.

Paralee admitted that her ex-boyfriend had covered her expenses during their relationship, which lasted from 2021 until April this year but she never forced him to pay.

The Australian man allegedly defended himself in an interview with Channel 7, claiming he discovered Paralee was married to a Danish man even before they met. He believed she was only with him for financial gain.

Goodes also mentioned using a GPS tracker on a tablet he gave her to confirm her relationship with the Danish man. He denied any knowledge of the police operation or how they obtained the 50,000 baht.

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