Thai transwoman nabbed for theft and blackmail of Danish businessman: Twist of valuables and vices

Photo via Facebook/ สืบนครบาล IDMB

The Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (IDMB) arrested a Thai transwoman for stealing goods valued at 40,000 baht from a Danish businessman and an attempt to extort a further 35,000 baht from the victim using blackmail.

The 30 year old transwoman, Sit, also known as Alda, was arrested at her house in the Din Daeng district of Bangkok yesterday, August 29.

According to the 78 year old Danish businessman, he met Alda on a dating application while he was travelling in Bangkok. He later made a date to meet Alda on August 19. They met at a rooftop restaurant of a hotel in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood of Bangkok.

After dinner, the two retired to the Danish man’s room and engaged in sexual activity for two hours before he fell asleep. Alda took this as a chance to steal the man’s mobile phone, cash, and credit card.

The foreign man forgave her for what she had done and then travelled back to his country. However, Alda did not stop there. She sent a message demanding a further 35,000 baht from the Danish man. If he did not give her the money she said she would expose his sexual preferences to the public.

The Danish man filed a complaint to the police via the Facebook page, สืบนครบาล IDMB and followed up on the case via an online channel, telling the Thai police that his fetishes are well known among his friends and family, so he was not scared of her threat.

The police quickly launched an investigation into the case as the Danish man loved Thailand and visited the kingdom often in the past eight years. Officers managed to track down Alda’s house and made an arrest yesterday.

Alda admitted to her acts and claimed that the Danish man had sex with her five times causing her pain, adding that the man did not pay her anything extra. She was hurt and angry so decided to steal from him.

Alda explained that she used the credit card to buy a laptop and sold the mobile phone to her friend. She said she felt sorry for what she had done and knew that she soiled the country’s reputation.

The police have yet to charge the thieving, blackmailing Thai transwoman.

A similar case was reported in June this year when a transwoman lured several victims into sending their explicit images to her and blackmailed them for money.

A distinct chapter in this disheartening narrative also centres around the thefts executed by transwomen in Pattaya. Their main targets were all Indian men, especially ones who wore a lot of gold accessories.

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