5 souvenirs unique to Thailand

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Thailand is one of the significant countries where both foreigners and locals are eager to say ‘yes’ to a request to visit. Not only are there numerous tourist attractions and delicious cuisine, but there are also intriguing mementos for those returning home. Today, we would like to share some souvenir gift ideas that you may not have considered before.

Unique souvenirs you should grab before you leave Thailand

Sticky rice basket

Sticky rice, or rice that has been steamed after being soaked in water, is another type of rice that Thais typically eat with every meal. It is prevalent throughout Thailand and can be eaten by people of all ages and genders.

Thais typically eat sticky rice alongside SomTum, Yum, and a variety of other dishes. A sticky rice basket is analogous to a plate upon which food is served as well as it appears both conventional and unique.

Sticky rice basket
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Lays Mieng Kam Krob Ros

Lays, a snack that people from all over the world search out and develop an affinity to due to its texture. Can you imagine how Lays, a fried potato, would taste if combined with Thai cuisine?

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Mieng Kam, which originated centuries ago in the northern region of Thailand, comprised of numerous ingredients, including ginger, dried prawns, betel leaves, roasted coconut and lemon. Therefore, it is readily apparent that Mieng Kam has a balanced flavour. ‘Lays Mieng Kam Krob Ros’ is one of the most delectable snacks when those two are combined.

Lays Mieng Kam Krob Ros
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Hong Thai

Inhalers may not be well-known in some countries, but not for this country, Thailand, it is well-known and routinely utilised. The inhaler is a medical device that delivers medication directly to the airways in order to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Moreover, in Thailand, herbs have a lengthy history of being used as medicine. Hong Thai, a traditional Thai herbal inhaler, is an exceptional inhaler, particularly for people who work all day. This provides you with sensible refreshments.

Photo courtesy of บริษัทสมุนไพรไทย หงส์ไทย จำกัด -เพจสำนักงานใหญ่ (Facebook)
Photo courtesy of บริษัทสมุนไพรไทย หงส์ไทย จำกัด -เพจสำนักงานใหญ่ (Facebook)

Snake Brand Prickly Heat

Thailand, located in South East Asia, is another country that can be categorised as one of the warmest. This means that people, particularly entrepreneurs, will find an approach to make themselves feel better.

A ‘Snake Brand Prickly Heat’ will be a suitable assistant for you since it has its ability to provide a calm and refreshing sensation interestingly this brand is existing over hundred years. If you have never used it at least once, you cannot fathom how amazing and useful it is.


Snake Brand
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If your closest friends or members of your family enjoy squid, snacks, and spicy foods, they will surely enjoy ‘Bento’, a spicy snack as souvenirs Thailand that you can easily bring back to your hometown as a souvenir for your friends. Thai snacks are incredible, and the spice flavour that accompanies them is outstanding.

Moreover, you can adjust the level of spiciness to suit your taste. Many individuals are firmly of the opinion that Bento will taste even better when soaked in cold water.

Photo courtesy of Thun
Photo courtesy of Thun

There are still more unique souvenirs from Thailand that you can make your friends laugh about, and if you are fascinated by Thais, click HERE.



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