Thai thief takes risky Chao Phraya dip to see girlfriend & escape cops (video)

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Fearing he would never see his girlfriend again, a Thai thief ignored the danger and swam across the treacherous Chao Phraya River in Samut Prakan province to escape arrest by chasing police officers.

An officer from Phra Pradaeng Police Station was called to a convenience store near Phra Pradaeng Pier to arrest the 32 year old thief, Pichitchai, after staff caught him stealing a bottle of cooling powder worth 35 baht.

While being transported to the station on a motorcycle, Pichitchai jumped off the vehicle and ran to the Phra Pradaeng Pier. Despite being handcuffed, he grabbed a life jacket and rubber ring and jumped into the Chao Phraya River.

Pichitchai floated to the middle of the river and refused to come ashore even when he tired. Pichitchai then sought help from a passing ferry but the captain and passengers offered no assistance after seeing his handcuffs. They feared Pichitchai would harm people on the ferry.

Pichitchai did not give up and continued to swim to another side of the river. He managed to get up and ran towards his girlfriend’s residence. A police team waiting on that side chased and eventually apprehended him.

Pichitchai explained that he had only 10 baht but wanted the cooling powder, leading him to steal it. He feared being jailed again after a previous three-year sentence for illegal gun possession and worried he would never see his girlfriend.

Pichitchai admitted that he was very frightened when he was in the river and realised that he would be arrested eventually but he wanted to see his girlfriend one more time before imprisonment.

In related news, a Thai man was heartbroken to discover that his girlfriend of six years was a thief, stealing gold accessories and bars from him worth over 2 million baht.

The Thai man, 33 year old Anupong, filed a complaint against his girlfriend at Prachachuen Police Station after the woman revealed her true nature three months after moving into his Bangkok home.


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