Heartbroken Thai man discovers girlfriend’s true nature as gold thief

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A Thai man was heartbroken to discover that his girlfriend of six years was a thief, stealing gold accessories and bars from him worth over 2 million baht.

The Thai man, 33 year old Anupong, filed a complaint against his girlfriend at Prachachuen Police Station after the woman revealed her true nature three months after moving into his Bangkok home.

Anupong revealed that he needed some money and decided to pawn his gold accessories worth about 1.1 million baht. He took the gold to the pawn shop on May 2 only to find that all of the pieces were counterfeit.

Anupong shared the shocking news with his family and started to search for any signs of suspicious behaviour but could not identify anyone. He suspected his girlfriend but she was always neat and hardworking, loved and trusted by his family.

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Reluctant to entertain such thoughts, Anupong found his girlfriend’s actions growing increasingly dubious. On May 25, she informed him of a gold shop intending to transfer 1.2 million baht into his account, subsequently requesting that he transfer the sum to her sister’s bank account.

The woman claimed that her sister divorced her husband and sold all her valuables to a gold shop, asking the shop to transfer the money to Anupong’s account instead of hers to hide it from her ex-husband. Anupong, having recently lost his gold, was suspicious but initially followed her instructions.

Tight-lipped girlfriend

His suspicions remained, so he decided to confront his girlfriend, but she insisted on her innocence. Anupong filed a complaint with the police even though he still could not identify the thief.

Desperate for money, Anupong went to a gold shop on Yaowarat Road where he kept gold bars worth 1.2 million baht, planning to sell them. The shop informed him that his girlfriend had used his ID and documents to sell all the gold on May 25.

Anupong realised that his girlfriend first sold the gold accessories from his home and then the gold bars from the shop. The 1.2 million baht transferred to his account was from the gold bar sale, not her sister.

Anupong then secretly checked his girlfriend’s mobile phone and found her talking to several online shops that sold fake gold accessories.

Confident that his girlfriend was the thief, Anupong provided more details to the police leading his girlfriend to flee his home. The girlfriend was summoned for questioning, and she continued to insist on her innocence. However, the police’s evidence confirmed her criminal action.

Anupong criticised the gold shop for easily allowing someone else to access his gold, claiming they had promised to only grant access to others upon his death.

Anupong urged his ex-girlfriend to confess and reveal where she sold the gold accessories. He expressed his desire to buy back a 100 year old gold belt belonging to his ancestors, as it held sentimental value for his family.

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