Thai teacher caning a student in Ayutthaya reports to police – UPDATE

PHOTO: School officials, the teacher and the mother met last night to discuss the incident - Matichon

A teacher, now identified as teaching in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok at the Chiang Rak Noi School, met with the girl’s mother and police last night. Teacher Som Ruseeprasit was caught on video flogging a young female student whilst screaming appalling Thai swear words at the student. The girl was struck at least three times in the video although he admitted to striking her more than three times. He also confirmed to police that he had hit other students in the class. He was working as a PE teacher at the school.

The video was posted on the Education For Liberation of Siam Facebook page. The video has been removed from the page but showed the teacher beating the young student with a great deal of force with a cane, or long piece of slim wood.

The mother met with police and the teacher last night to register a formal complaint of violence and assault on her daughter by the teacher. Although the teacher apologised at the meeting the mother says she will continue with her assault complaint and expects the police to lay charges.

The words the teacher used whilst beating the student with a wooden cane were some of the worst words you could use in the Thai language, and translate as “asshole” and “bastard”, and worse. The teacher told police that he beat the student because she hadn’t cleaned the room properly.

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In Thai law, it is illegal for a teacher to strike a student.

SOURCE: Matichon Online

Thai teacher caning a student in Ayutthaya reports to police - UPDATE | News by Thaiger

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