Thai student paralysed in shocking mall car park plunge: Police probe underway

A Thai high school student, in her third year at a prominent school, was paralysed after she plunged from the fourth floor of a shopping mall car park. The shocking moment was captured by a passing vendor’s dashcam.

Police are now urgently investigating the cause. At 9am today, Police Lieutenant Kaweewut Bunruang, the duty officer of Rayong City Police, was informed of a fall from the fourth floor of a car park in a shopping centre in Tha Pradu, Rayong. He coordinated with emergency medical staff from Rayong Hospital and the Sa Wang Prokun Rescue Unit to inspect the scene.

Upon arrival, they found a female student in a PE uniform, a pink shirt with warm-up pants, lying still. Preliminary examination revealed that she was conscious but had sustained serious injuries, including a broken left arm and hip, and was paralyzed.

First aid was administered before she was taken to Rayong Hospital for further treatment. The injured party was identified as Miss A (pseudonym), a third-year student at a well-known school. An initial investigation revealed that she had fallen from the fourth-floor car park, an open upper level. Two fresh saliva stains were found, along with marks on the iron railings from where she fell. However, no other evidence or CCTV cameras were found on that floor, which is often frequented by teenagers hanging out.

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A vendor revealed that he was driving past the incident site to sell goods when he saw something large fall onto the road. At first, he didn’t think it was a person until he got closer and was shocked to see that it was a young girl. He didn’t dare to look and was surrounded by screams of shock. The dashcam footage from his vehicle showed the girl falling rapidly, hitting the road within seconds.

Police are preparing to gather evidence to determine whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate jump. They plan to question the girl’s parents and school officials and are waiting for her condition to improve before conducting further inquiries.

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