Thai shooting champion accused of murder

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A Thai shooting champion was arrested yesterday in connection with a murder case six years ago in the southern province of Surat Thani. The marksman denied all allegations, claiming that he is a professional and wouldn’t have missed the target like those already charged.

A kratom seller hired three gunmen to murder another kratom seller, 54 year old Thawatchai Wichianchai, in 2016 due to a row over business.

The gunmen tried to kill Thawatchai at his home in the Chai Buri district of Surat Thani in the south of Thailand. The gunshots missed their intended target and hit and instantly killed Thawatchai’s 51 year old wife, Maliwan Thongtae, and 14 year old daughter, Juthathip Wichianchai. Only Thawatchai survived the hit.

Two gunmen and the person who hired them were arrested not long after the incident occurred. Thirty-year-old Hatthapong Baosud was identified by Thawatchai as the missing third gunman.

According to police, Hatthapong had been on the run for six years before they tracked him to a restaurant in the Thawee Watthana district of Bangkok yesterday, December 27.

Hatthapong denied the accusation but admitted one of the gunmen was his friend, Em.

Hatthapong told police that he went to Em’s house before the shooting and heard him discuss it with another gunman named Sert on the phone. He said that Em offered Sert 20,000 baht to take part in the hit. He said he was also invited to join but refused.

Hatthapong added that he was a lot better and more professional than the gunmen in the murder case. He said he was a gun-shooting athlete and a sharpshooter. He was skilled and had won several national competitions. If he truly participated in the murder, he would not have missed the target as that gunman did.

The arresting officers did not believe his claim.

Hatthapong was taken to the Chai Buri Police Station in Surat Thani for further questioning and initially faced four charges: murdering another person by premeditation, attempting to murder another person by premeditation, possessing guns and ammunition without permission, and carrying guns and ammunition to public places without permission.

If Hatthapong is found guilty of the charges, he faces the death penalty.

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