Thai resort owner allegedly drugs, attacks, rapes party entertainer

A Thai party entertainer accused the owner of a resort in the central province of Ang Thong of drugging, attacking and raping her on February 1. Subsequently, several other party entertainers have come forward, reportedly revealing that they too have been subjected to his abusive behaviour.

The victim, 30 year old Dee, decided to file a complaint against the wealthy resort owner and sought help from the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive. She said she was afraid to go to the police for fear that the resort owner would harm her but her friend convinced her to report the alleged rape.

The organisation accompanied her to a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, yesterday, February 7, to ensure the victim’s safety following the complaint as the resort owner threatened the victim, claiming to be powerful.

In an interview with MGR Online yesterday, Dee disclosed that the resort owner, referred to as Bor in the interview, engaged her to provide entertainment services for him and his friends at his Ang Thong resort on February 1. However, to Dee’s surprise, no other guests attended the party, leaving her alone with Bor to drink alcohol.

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According to Dee, Bor took half of a drug tablet, the type of which she could not identify, and forced Dee to take another half. Bor then forced her to drink alcohol and gave her another drug pill. She was unable to move under the influence of drugs and alcohol and this is when Bor allegedly raped her.

Bor reportedly forced her to take crystal meth the following day. She begged Bor to let her go home but he refused.


On the fourth day of the kidnapping, Bor’s drug use made him lose control and he physically assaulted Dee. He kicked, punched, choked and stomped on her face and neck, leaving her to beg for her life.

Dee urged Bor to let her go and promised she would not tell anyone about the incident. Succumbing to her request, Bor arranged for his mother to escort her to a bus terminal in the province, providing her with 30,000 baht before she returned home to Bangkok. Dee explained that most of the money was allocated towards medical expenses.

Ekkaphop Lueangprasert, founder of Saimai Survive, informed the media that several other party entertainers had allegedly fallen victim to Bor’s drugging and raping. Shockingly, Bor even subjected some victims to further humiliation by urinating on them, and many were subsequently blackmailed.

Big Joke assured the public that officers would conduct searches for drugs at Bor’s resort and residence. Additionally, Bor would be summoned for questioning and face further legal proceedings. It was emphasised that Bor would also undergo rehabilitation to deter any potential recurrence of his actions.

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