Party entertainer accuses former Thai politician of rape

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A female party entertainer filed a complaint against a former Thai politician in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province accusing him of defrauding and raping her.

The 35 year old party entertainer, identified only as Bee, complained to Sattahip Police Station on January 20 that a former politician refused to pay for her services and also reportedly raped her at a hotel in the area. Bee added that the man did not use a condom, causing her to panic about sexually transmitted diseases.

Bee explained to the police that she and the former politician initially agreed on a four-hour entertainment service for 5,500 baht. She performed the service for him at a hotel in the area from 12.30am and excused herself four hours later.

Bee said she asked for her money before leaving but the man refused to pay and asked her to wait until the morning. Bee waited in the room and went to sleep. While she was asleep, the man allegedly raped her. He said he would pay her another 3,000 baht for the sex.

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The man then ordered Bee to leave his room saying he would transfer the money to her. Bee said she waited for the money in her car parked at the hotel car park and found the man transferred only 3,000 baht. Bee decided to return to the man’s room to demand the 5,500 baht he promised.

Bee recorded a video when demanding her money making the former politician angry. According to Bee, he ordered her to delete the video by choking her and threatening her with a knife. She had to delete the video to save her life and left the hotel to file a complaint with the police.

Suspect claims innocence

While police officers issued a document to summon the accused former politician for questioning, Bee sent a message to the man to ask for the money again and was threatened by him. Following the report on Channel 7, the man claimed he was innocent.

“I have done nothing wrong. I said I would send you money and I did. How dare you do this to me? I am warning you. Don’t mess with me. I can come to your house whenever I want. Stop what you are doing. I don’t want to fight with a woman if I don’t have to.”

Fearing for her safety, Bee returned to Sattahip Police Station again yesterday, January 22, to file more complaints against the former politician over the threat.

The identity of the accused man was not revealed to the public but police said they would summon the man for questioning as soon as possible and ensure justice for the party entertainer.

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