Jealous Thai man arrested for killing wife by slitting her throat

Police arrested a Thai man for killing his wife in a jealous rage by slitting her throat in front of her mother near their shared home in the northeastern province of Chaiyaphum.

After witnessing the horrifying scene of her 38 year old son-in-law, Auphon, killing her 44 year old daughter, Ladda, on February 6, the victim’s mother, Suwan, contacted Kaset Sombun Police Station.

Suwan revealed that she had urged Ladda to end her relationship with Auphon on numerous occasions and had warned her about his history of drug use and mental illness. She never anticipated that her worst fears would materialise right before her eyes.

According to Suwan, Anuphon came home from work that morning and gave Ladda 4,000 baht in cash. They later got into an argument when Anuphon accused Ladda of cheating on him. As the situation became more serious, Ladda called Suwan to accompany her home.

Suwan recounted that she arrived and escorted her daughter out of the house. Auphon pursued them and promptly stabbed Ladda from behind. Suwan admitted feeling too terrified to intervene, as Auphon had threatened to kill her. Auphon continued to assault Ladda repeatedly before escaping in her car.

According to the police report, Ladda sustained multiple deep stab wounds across her body, with her throat slashed. Investigators recovered a five-inch knife believed to be the murder weapon near the crime scene.

Victim accused

Auphon was eventually arrested at a friend’s house about 20 kilometres from the crime scene. Ladda’s car was found on the plantation, about 1 kilometre from the friend’s house.

Anuphon claimed that Ladda betrayed him and he had CCTV footage to prove it. Before the murder, he said he received a phone call from his friend asking if he had broken up with his wife because the friend saw her with another man.

Anuphon said he went home the night before and did not tell Ladda, and that what he saw forced him to commit the murder.

“I saw them both naked. How do you feel when you see that? I don’t know if others can bear it, but I can’t. No one wants to be a murderer.”

Following his confession, Anuphon was charged under Section 288 of the Criminal Law: intentional murder. The penalty is the death penalty, life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years.

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