Metropolitan Police Bureau investigate Thai policewoman’s abuse

A distressing online complaint from a Thai policewoman, newly inducted into the force, has prompted an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Thailand. The recruit alleges that she suffered continuous physical and mental abuse during her initial training year, leading to a depressive mental state.

A police spokesperson has confirmed the knowledge of the complaint, posted on Sunday evening, and assured immediate assistance and investigation.

Royal Thai Police (RTP) Office spokesperson Police Lieutenant General Archayon Kraithong, confirmed today, March 25, that the recruit is currently under the protective care of her family, with no adverse incidents noted. He also acknowledged that the policewoman, holding the rank of lance corporal, was grappling with depression and was under treatment, receiving suitable medication.

The investigation, he assured, would be thorough, and swift, and the findings would be made public by the national police office, stated Pol. Lt. Gen. Archayon.

“Depression is not an unfamiliar ailment among police officers, with many undergoing treatment at the Police General Hospital.”

The national police office also offers counselling for depression through its Depress We Care Facebook page and a dedicated hotline.

Disturbing post

The issue came to the fore following a Facebook post by the 25 year old policewoman, Police Lieutenant Corporal Chontaros Sukdayotin. The disturbing post detailed the abuse she had endured during her initial year with the police force, including an incident where her head was accidentally kicked at a camp. The post echoed the tone of a suicide note.

Upon her recovery and return to Naresuan camp in Phetchaburi province, she was subjected to continuous physical and mental punishment by her trainers. She spoke of being verbally abused and physically assaulted, with her lower legs beaten with ropes and being commanded to perform headstands. Forced to work night shifts, she was unable to rest as per medical advice, reported Bangkok Post.

Her injuries led to further treatment, following which she was unable to rejoin the police service due to her mental health issues.

“I have done my best as a police officer. But no matter how much I try, I am still a patient. Thanks mostly to my police career, I have had depression. Today I have had enough. I wish such training would stop with my case. We should be trained to be tough, not to become sick.”

The post concluded with her stating that she would bequeath all her assets to her mother and offer her body for medical study, signing off with a “farewell.”

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