Thai police rescue pregnant woman walking 600 kilometres from Isaan to Bangkok

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With just 50 baht to her name, a pregnant woman attempted to walk from Ubon Ratchathani in northeast Thailand to Bangkok yesterday in search of a new start. She decided to undertake the arduous journey after she was betrayed by her Thai boyfriend of five years.

Yesterday, officers from Warin Chamrap Police Station stopped to help a woman of Tai Yai ethnicity who was crying on the side of Highway 2178 in Ubon Ratchathani.

The 33 year old woman, from Mae Chan district in Chiang Rai province, told police that she was four months pregnant. She said she was trying to get to Bangkok, over 600 kilometres away. She had walked 30 kilometres already when police found her.

The woman explained that she moved to Ubon Ratchathani to live with her boyfriend five years ago. She said she had a good job tapping rubber at a local plantation which earned her 450 baht per day.

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However, she had to spend all her earnings on her boyfriend and his family because she was the only one working, she said.

Two weeks ago, her boyfriend had an affair with a ladyboy who he brought back to their house, she told police. Her boyfriend brought his new lover to sleep in the same bedroom with her, she said.

After arguing with him for weeks, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She decided she would head to Bangkok and get her life back on track before her baby’s arrival in five months.

Set on getting to Bangkok, but with only 50 baht in her pocket, the pregnant woman decided to set off on foot. According to Google Maps, the journey would take 117 hours to walk.

After walking for 30 kilometres, some concerned locals from Ban Khon Sai village spotted her looking exhausted and rang officers at Waring Chamrap Police Station.

Ban Khon Sa village chief was informed and brought the pregnant woman food and water to drink while awaiting the police’s arrival.

She explained her story and told police that she wanted to get to her friend’s house in Bangkok. Police got in contact with her friend who confirmed she could take care of her when she reached the big city.

Police gave her some money and took her to the train station. At 7pm last night, she boarded a train for Bangkok and didn’t look back.

On December 11, a man set off on foot from Satun province with his two daughters in search of work. The family walked all the way to Rayong, where they arrived 11 days later. Thankfully, their story had a happy ending.

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