Police launches special probe into suspect ‘Nok’s’ bidding capers amidst murder inquiry

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A special investigative team has been established by the Royal Thai Police to delve into the alleged bidding price manipulation by two businesses owned by Praween Chanklai, also known as Nok. Nok is an alleged suspect in the recent murder of a highway police officer.

The investigative team is composed of officials from various departments including the Revenue Department, State Audit Office, Anti-Money Laundering Office, Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission, and the National Anti-Corruption Commission. The announcement was made yesterday by deputy national police chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn.

From 2011, P Phatanarungrod Construction Co and P Raweekanok Construction Co, both owned by Chanklai, have collectively secured concessions in 1,544 government projects. These projects amount to a total of 7.57 billion baht, as reported by Department of Special Investigation (DSI) director-general Suriya Singhakamol.

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) deputy chief Anek Taosupap disclosed that a team of inspectors conducted a raid on three locations in Nakhon Pathom yesterday. Among the raided locations was an accounting firm that has been providing services to Chanklai’s family for the past two decades. This was part of the ongoing investigation into potential collusion.

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The CSD was successful in seizing several financial documents related to the two companies during the raid. This was confirmed by Anek Taosupap.

In a recent development, Big Joke revealed that investigative teams have triumphantly managed to recover previously deleted footage from a total of 13 security cameras.

It is strongly believed that these video clips capture pivotal moments from last week’s shooting incident at Praween’s residence, which tragically resulted in the untimely death of police officer Sivakorn Saibua from Highway Police Division 2, located in Nakhon Pathom.

Work is still underway on two additional cameras, and Surachate Hakparn expects the entire retrieval process to reach its conclusion later today, Bangkok Post reported.

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