Thai netizens’ hearts warmed by heroic duo’s life-saving heart delivery, rain or shine

Photo via Facebook/ ตำรวจจราจรโครงการพระราชดำริ กองบังคับการตำรวจจราจร

Thai netizens showered praise upon a dedicated traffic police officer and doctor for their successful efforts in delivering a life-saving heart organ from a hospital in Samut Sakhon province to Bangkok, despite heavy rain and severe traffic jams.

The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, as a heart can remain viable outside the human body for no more than four hours. The entire process of transporting the organ to the awaiting recipient and performing the heart transplant had to be completed within this time frame.

On the evening of September 11, a medical professional from the Organ Donation Centre of the Thai Red Cross reached out for assistance from the traffic police officers to facilitate the delivery of a vital heart from Samut Sakhon Hospital to Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok.

The distance between the two locations is about 40 kilometres and takes about one hour to drive. However, there was heavy rain and traffic jams during that time, so an ordinary trip with the hospital’s vehicle might put the heart at risk.

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Six traffic police officers responded to the call and rushed to the hospital for the operation. A police sub-lieutenant Sakchai Krasaesarn responsible for riding a motorcycle to send the doctor and a heart in a container to Siriraj Hospital.

Meanwhile, the remaining four traffic officers, including Police Sergeant Major Siwa Jitfan, Police Sergeant Major Ploy Nuengmatcha, Sergeant Major Watcharanon Kongsinjiraporn, Police Sergeant Kittiphum Paengbutdee, and Police Sergeant Panyasin Pabao, rode ahead to clear the path.

The team successfully delivered the heart to the hospital and saved the life of the awaiting patient. ThaiRath reported that this marked the 73rd successful heart delivery executed by the traffic police.

The traffic police also encourage people to donate organs as there are more than 6,000 patients across the nation waiting for organ transplants.

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