Thai monk disgraces faith by killing man at temple

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Yet another Thai monk brought disgrace to the Buddhist faith by killing a man with a spoon who repeatedly asked for food at Khao Peep Temple in the southern province of Chumphon.

A Thai woman, Onpreya, had been searching for her husband, Suppapong, who disappeared from their home in Chumphon on June 14. Onpreya believed her husband had gone to Khao Peep Temple, but two monks, a father and his son, denied seeing Suppapong.

Tragically, Suppapong’s body was found on June 15 in a pond within a palm plantation located 200 metres across the railway track from the temple. Suppapong had suffered multiple stab wounds to his face, inflicted not with a knife but a sharp steel object.

Tung Tako Police Station officers, aided by the Investigation Police Region 8, questioned the two monks on June 18. The father, Had, told police that he and his son, Suntree, went out to receive food offerings from locals at 5.30am every day, returning to the temple around 8.30am.

Officers reviewed security camera footage and found that Had arrived at the temple over an hour before Suntree on the day of the incident. Police also noted scratch marks on Suntree’s shoulder, despite his claim they were mosquito bites.

After over two hours of questioning, Suntree confessed to the murder. He explained that Suppapong waited at the temple for leftover food offerings. Having not yet eaten, Suntree asked Suppapong to wait, but the deceased insisted on receiving the food immediately.

Suntree said he felt annoyed and engaged in a heated argument with Suppapong, which escalated into a physical assault. Suntree admitted using a stainless-steel spoon to repeatedly stab Suppapong in the face.

While Suntree confessed to the fatal attack, he denied knowing how Suppapong’s body ended up in the plantation.

Police instructed Suntree to disrobe and face further legal proceedings. Channel 3 reported that Suntree appeared highly stressed after the murder came to light.

It was claimed that Suntree had been suffering from mental health issues following a car accident in his youth. He sometimes found it difficult to control his emotions, often becoming sensitive and angry, but at other times remaining quiet.

Plans were revealed for Suntree to return to his home province of Udon Thani in the Isaan region, where plots of land would be allocated to him to make a living after his release from prison.

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