Colour con: Woman’s 7,000 baht hair dye disaster leaves her seeing red

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A woman expressed her disappointment after paying 7,000 baht for a hair colouring service that did not meet her expectations. She had requested a dark grey shade but the result was far from what she envisioned.

The woman also experienced scalp irritation during the process. The incident took place at a hair salon in Ton Tann Market, Khon Kaen Province. The story first emerged on the Facebook page อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 7, which posted images and a detailed account of the consumer’s complaint.

“Today, I went to a hair salon in Ton Tann Market. The salon has a name with three English letters. The woman who did my hair was working alone in the shop.”

According to the woman, the hairstylist was petite with blonde hair, and the entire process took three hours. The customer mentioned that while the colour was being applied, her scalp began to sting. Upon completion, she was charged 6,990 baht, which left her deeply dissatisfied, especially since the result did not match her request for a dark grey hue.

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“I was very disappointed to pay so much money, and it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I had asked for a dark grey colour, but what I got is shown in the picture. We’ve only been in Thailand for two days, coming from Germany, and this is what we had to face. Does anyone think this is worth it?”

The Facebook post quickly garnered numerous comments, with many users agreeing that the service was not worth the price paid. The incident has sparked a debate about the value and quality of services provided by salons in the area.

Several commenters shared their experiences with unsatisfactory salon services, suggesting that this might be a broader issue.

“I had a similar experience at a different salon. They charged me a lot, but the colour didn’t last more than a week.

“It’s crucial to research and read reviews before going to any salon, especially in new places.”

Despite the backlash, the salon in question has not yet responded to the allegations, reported KhaoSod.

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