Thai Ministry to send 100,000 workers abroad in fiscal year 2024

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The Thai Ministry of Labour has set a target to send 100,000 Thai workers abroad in the 2024 fiscal year, with Taiwan, Israel, and South Korea being the top three destinations. This announcement was made today by Permanent Secretary for Labour, Pairoj Chotikasathien.

The Labour Ministry aims to send Thai workers to countries where the demand for labour is high. The list of target countries for the 2024 fiscal year includes the Asian region, which accounts for the highest number of Thai workers sent abroad at 72,000.

Taiwan is at the top of the list with a target of 20,300 workers, followed by Israel with a target of 7,700 and South Korea with 7,500.

Pairoj further stated that the Department of Employment has already prepared a plan for the dispatch of Thai workers abroad. The focus is on maintaining employment in the existing labour market while expanding the labour market abroad.

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This includes countries experiencing labour shortages in certain positions or countries that are likely to increase foreign labour employment in the 2024 fiscal year.

The main target is to send Thai workers to the Asian region, totalling 72,000 people. This is followed by Europe with 14,000, the Middle East with 10,500, North America with 1,800, Africa with 1,100, and South America, Australia and Oceania with 600.

The top target for dispatch continues to be the labour market in Taiwan with 20,300 people, followed by Israel with 7,700, South Korea with 7,500, Japan and Sweden with a joint target of 6,000 each, and Malaysia with 4,000. Based on these estimated figures, it is expected that 100,000 Thai workers will be sent to work abroad in both old and new labour markets, reported KhaoSod.

Recognising the limited availability of appealing job prospects in Thailand, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed optimism that the Land Bridge megaproject would attract highly skilled Thai workers working overseas to come back to their home country. Read more HERE.

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