Thai minibus driver allegedly drugs and rapes 13 year old girl in Bangkok

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The family of a teenage girl called on the police to advance their investigation and arrest a minibus driver who allegedly drugged and raped the 13 year old. Channel 3 visited the victim’s house in the Waeng Noi district in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen yesterday, November 5, to interview the teenager’s family about the incident.

The victim’s 40 year old father, named A, said that he wanted his daughter to come and stay with him and his wife in Bangkok during the school holiday and booked a minibus for her to travel to the capital on Sunday, October 1.

A explained that the minibus was supposed to arrive at their home in the early hours of October 2. However, when his daughter did not arrive as expected, he tried to call her but she did not answer the phone. A thought his daughter must have fallen asleep in the car and called the minibus driver instead.

The driver claimed that there was traffic and roadworks on the way and that was the reason for being late. His daughter arrived later at lunchtime. A noticed that she appeared unusually quiet, attributing it to exhaustion from the journey, so he allowed her to rest.

A explained that when he had contacted the same driver to take his daughter back to Khon Kaen, the girl was crying and panicking when she met the driver. She still hugged her mother and refused to leave.

A said he was not suspicious at the time because he thought the daughter just wanted to stay with him longer. On the return to Khon Kaen, his 16 year old son, the victim’s brother, went with her.

Shocking assault

A said her daughter changed when arriving at her home in Khon Kaen on October 31. He learned from his 63 year old mother, the victim’s grandmother, that the girl lost control of herself and kept talking about the sexual assault in the minibus. She kept saying that the driver was a devil and perverted.

The grandmother, Suay, managed to convince her to speak out and learned that the girl was raped by the minibus driver.

According to the girl, the driver dropped the other passengers at their destination leaving only her in the vehicle. The driver asked her to drink some water which made her feel dizzy and weak. The driver then sexually assaulted her in the minibus. She lost a lot of blood and lost consciousness. She woke up again when she arrived at her parents’ house in Bangkok.

The victim’s grandmother said she filed a complaint at Waeng Noi Police Station in Khon Kaen and Bangkok Yai Police Station in Bangkok. However, the officers have not provided any update on the case. Suay reported that the police have not even questioned the victim in the investigation.

Suay revealed that her granddaughter has been suffering from mental health problems since the incident and has been in Khon Kaen Hospital since November 2. She will undergo a brain scan today, November 6, to determine the condition of her brain.

According to the family, the doctor initially confirmed that the girl was drugged and she bore traces of sexual assault.

The teenage girl’s father said that the minibus driver had destroyed his daughter’s life. She has not been able to go to school and will have to stay in the hospital for more than a year to stabilise her mental health. He wants the police to arrest the rapist as soon as possible.

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