Thai man’s android phone hacked to the tune of 101,000 baht

A Thai man was hacked to the tune of over 100,000 baht last week. The victim insists he had not accessed any suspicious websites, taken any call centre calls or filled in any online forms but says his android phone was targeted by hackers.

A number of Thai netizens revealed they too had become victims of a scammer gang and lost money after clicking a suspicious link or providing personal information to a scam call centre. But Wisanusan Sam-pok insists that he did not receive any scam calls, download any strange applications, or click any suspicious website links, but 101,560 baht still mysteriously disappeared out of his bank account on Sunday, January 8.

Wisanusan shared the story on Facebook after his money disappeared. He said he has two mobile phones, an iPhone and an android Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

Wisanusan said iPhone is the phone he mainly uses and the android is for playing games.

On the day his money went missing, Wisanusan charged his android at home and did not touch or play with it. Then, he got a message from his bank saying 101,560 baht had been transferred at 11.52am to a bank account under the name of Jakkrit Naphom.

Wisanusan filed a complaint with the police and reported the issue to the bank. He told them both that he did not know the person and had not touched his phone on the day of the money transfer.

The bank informed Wissanusan that they needed 15 days to investigate the receiver’s account. The bank did not confirm whether they would responsible for the loss.

Some Thai netizens suspected that the scammers accessed his mobile phone when he charged it but Wisanusan does not agree with them. He said he is sure that his phone charger is safe.

Many android phone users commented on Wisanusan’s post that they too had suffered at the hands of hackers.

A 38 year old man named Kiattikhun Sichan told Khaosod that 6,500 baht was withdrawn from his account on January 3 at 2.59pm. His case was similar to what happened with Wisanusan. He did not touch his phone because he was working but money was transferred to a stranger named Artaba Jalor.

Police and the bank reported that they are investigating the disappearance of Wisanusan’s money and will provide an update soon.

Petch Petpailin

Petpailin, or Petch, is a Thai translator and writer for The Thaiger focusing on Thai news and what's happening in Thailand. She is a news writer who stops reading news on the weekends to spend more time cafe hopping and petting dwarf shrimp.