Thai man uses soy sauce to fake suicide, hoping to win wife back

Thai man used Soy Sauce to fake suicide, photo by Siam Rath.

A Thai man used soy sauce to fake suicide on Monday in hopes of winning back his wife and son.

The man, 50 year old Watchara, was estranged from his wife, 40 year old Pla, due to conflicts between the couple. He lives in the southern Chumphon province, while she lives in Pattaya.

On Monday, Watchara travelled to Pattaya, hoping to win back Pla and their son. But when he went to their house, no one was home. Watchara then contacted Pla, but she refused to return to him.

Watchara then poured soy sauce on a knife and put the knife up to his neck before taking a selfie. He sent the selfie to his son, who alerted Pla.

Pla reported the incident to the police. Police and paramedics arrived at Watchara’s residence, and he admitted that he had made the whole thing up. Police warned Watchara not to do this again.

Threatening suicide is defined as a form of emotional abuse by several organisations that work to fight domestic violence.

The US-based National Domestic Violence Hotline states…

“If your partner often says they’re going to kill themselves when things aren’t going their way, they’re not showing you love – they’re likely trying to control your actions.”

Last year, Australian researchers found that threats of self-harm and suicide were a tactic of coercive control men used against female partners. Of the 2,511 male suicide cases in a larger study sample, family and intimate partner violence were identified in around 6% of cases.

The use of violence and suicide by men in the study took place primarily during times of separation, divorce, and custody battles. Men appeared to believe that threats of self-harm would force women into changing their behaviour.

The researchers said…

“Together with other forms of physical, emotional, economic and psychological controlling behaviour, threats of self-harm and suicide were intended to instill fear and exert power over women.”

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Tara Abhasakun

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