Thai man loses his life when using YouTube to repair tractor

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A 21 year old Thai man lost his life while repairing a tractor using knowledge from YouTube. His older sister revealed that she asked her brother to learn a lot before driving or repairing a tractor.

Officers from the Mueang Buriram Police Station were called to the sugar cane plantation in the Mueang district in the Isaan province of Buriram after the notification of the death of 21 year old Thailand named Sirimongkhon Sitchok.

Officers discovered the lifeless body of Sirimongkhon at the back of the John Deere tractor. His head and neck were crushed by the tractor’s disc ploughs.

Sirimongkhon’s younger brother, 13 year old A, revealed to the police that he came to the plantation with his brother because he wanted to learn how to drive the tractor. Before the accident took place, his brother left the engine running while changing the disk ploughs.

As he was finishing the job, the tractor backed up and ran over him, catching his head in the disc ploughs. A said he was shocked and ran away from the scene to seek help.

Sirimongkhon’s older sister, 25 year old Suphawinee Sitchok, reported that she attempted to stop her brother from driving a tractor seeing it was dangerous for a beginner like him. However, Sirimongkhon was confident that he could drive it because he watched the instructional videos on YouTube.

Sirimongkhon could also learn how to repair and replace disc ploughs from YouTube and try to apply his knowledge.

The owner of the tractor, 50 year old Thai man named Kamchai In-thorn, explained that he let Sirimongkhon drive his tractor because it was not a difficult job, and he already reached Sirimongkhon about what he needed to know before driving. Sirimongkhon might park the tractor on a slope, causing it to back up and run over him.

A previous fatal tractor accident was reported in June when a Thai driver was crushed to death by an overturned tractor in the forest in the central province of Lob Buri. The other accident happened on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya when a Thai driver was killed after his tractor got stuck in the sand and overturned pinning him underneath.

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