Tractor accident kills driver in Lopburi, workers shocked at discovering body

Photo by Khaosod.

A 69 year old farmer was crushed to death by his overturned tractor in a forest in Lopburi province, Thailand yesterday. Authorities and rescue workers were called to the scene where they discovered the flipped farm vehicle with the man’s body beneath it.

At the site of the accident, investigators found the toppled tractor laying on top of the farmer, Chatchai Bamrungsun, with the steering wheel pressing down on his chest. Attached to the back of the vehicle was a large steel beam used to drag logs, which may have contributed to the tractor flipping over and the driver’s speed.

According to a co-worker, 60 year old Kaewsuda Japchai, they were waiting for their employer to pick them up from the forest when they noticed his absence at 4pm. They decided to backtrack and discovered the horrifying scene.

Regarding the steel beam, it was attached to the tractor due to concerns about potential thefts of logs in the area. The police officers at the scene sent the deceased’s body to a hospital for examination before contacting the family to arrange funeral rites.

Farming conditions can be dangerous in Thailand.

In February this year, a female water buffalo in heat gored a farmer to death in Nakhon Nayok province in northeast Thailand. Police found the body of 55 year old Manoch [surnname reserved] lying in overgrown grass. Police said Manoch’s body was “deformed,” and his arms and legs were severely broken.

Back in 2021, a 58 year old farmer and his 26 year old son were both electrocuted to death in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen. The farmer had been placing an electric fence at his rice field to protect wandering cattle from damaging his seedlings. Police suspected that the farmer was stringing an electric wire from a shelter where he often stayed overnight to an area of the field where he had planted seedlings.

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