Thai man found asleep in police van outside Nong Prue station

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

Nong Prue Police officers were taken aback last Friday, March 1 when they stumbled upon a Thai man sleeping inside a police van parked right in front of the local station. The bizarre incident left the officers bewildered and concerned for the man’s welfare.

Initially appearing innocuous with the van’s engine off and windows tightly shut, the situation took a puzzling turn as officers’ instincts kicked in, sensing something was awry. Upon opening the van’s door, they were greeted with an unexpected sight – a disoriented man, estimated to be between 40 and 50 years old, sprawled face down within the vehicle, showing signs of heavy intoxication, with drool staining his face and his appearance dishevelled.

Further investigation revealed that earlier that day, the same individual had been apprehended for public intoxication and released around 10am. Presumed to have left the area, he had surreptitiously re-entered one of the police vans, catching the officers off guard.

A rescue team acted swiftly, transporting the man to Bang Lamung Hospital for immediate medical attention, as he had been deprived of air for several hours, raising grave concerns about his well-being, reported Pattaya Mail.

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Authorities are now delving into the circumstances surrounding his actions and prior detention.

In related news, a 28 year old Indian tourist fell into a profound slumber inside a locked car in Pattaya in the early hours of January 9. His unsuspecting companions were left with no choice but to shatter the vehicle’s windows to rouse him from his sleep.

In other news, a restaurant employee found a Thai man dead in his car, parked on Pattaya Sai Sam Road. The deceased had been drunk, and his friends had left him to sleep off the alcohol in the car with the engine running.

An employee of Pattaya Seafood restaurant reported that he went to work on the night of February 11, and found a black Honda CR-V SUV car parked outside the restaurant. He saw a Thai man sleeping in the driver’s seat and decided to check on him.

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