Thai man and foreigner clash over water splash dispute (video)

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A water splash dispute between a foreign man and a Thai man became more than a storm in a coffee cup at a petrol station in the eastern province of Rayong sparking controversy on Thai social media. The argument reportedly began when the Thai man splashed water into the foreign man’s coffee cup.

The Thai man, identified only as Sorn, is seeking justice by posting a video of the incident at the petrol station on April 14 on social media. In the video, the foreign man and his Thai wife can be seen arguing with a group of Thai people who were in a pickup truck preparing to participate in a water fight in Rayong.

Due to the chaotic situation, the conversation between the two parties was difficult to comprehend in the video.

Sorn informed PPTV HD that he sprayed the foreign man with a water gun as the foreigner walked by with a cup of coffee in his hand. Sorn stated that he noticed the foreigner was unhappy because water spilt into his coffee. So, he apologised to the man.

According to Sorn, the foreign man was not satisfied with his apology. Allegedly, the foreign man used offensive language towards Sorn, insulted him, and threw the coffee cup at his family’s car.

Sorn mentioned that he bought the foreigner a new cup of coffee but his wife threw it away and accused him of speaking rudely. Sorn insisted he did not use offensive language or behave poorly towards the couple.

Sorn said the Thai woman told him that she was a dentist in Rayong. She and her husband paid significant taxes to Thailand annually. However, Sorn found this unrelated to the issue.

Opinions divided

Sorn further claimed that the Thai woman threatened to file a lawsuit against him and would demand high compensation if he released a video of the altercation to the public.

Sorn said he splashed many people who walked by and no one was angry at him because it was the Songkran festival. He expressed his efforts to apologise to the couple and encouraged netizens to voice their opinions.

Opinions among netizens were split. Some supported Sorn, arguing that the couple should not go out if they did not want to get wet during Songkran. Others believed the couple’s anger was unwarranted since their belongings were unaffected.

“It’s Songkran for heaven’s sake. Respect Thai culture. If people splash water at you during Songkran you should make a wai, be grateful, say thank you and wish them a happy new year. If you don’t want to get wet then stay at home or in your car. Unacceptable behaviour from both the farang husband and his Thai wife. Shame on them.”

Others viewed the incident differently, suggesting that Sorn should not randomly splash water on people. Many Thais and foreigners preferred not to participate in water fights, and Sorn’s actions could result in legal consequences.

According to the law, Sorn could face imprisonment for up to one month, a fine of up to 10,000 baht, or both if the water splashing causes physical harm. If the water splashing damages victims’ belongings, the penalty could be imprisonment for up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

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