Thai man allegedly fakes adultery story to extort money from couple

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A Thai man allegedly faked an adultery story to extort 5,000 baht from a couple in the central province of Ayutthaya. He even pretended to be a death threat victim and sought help from a Thai news agency.

A 42 year old Thai man named New told Channel 7 that he worked at a rice harvester garage in the central province of Ayutthaya. A female customer of the garage, named Ood, confided in him, expressing suspicion that her husband of committing adultery with a female worker at the garage named Jang.

New, another individual involved, stated that Ood hired him for 5,000 baht to investigate whether her husband was indeed having an affair with Jang.

New confirmed that Ood’s husband was indeed committing adultery and disclosed this truth to Ood. Despite engaging in a heated argument, New mentioned that Ood ultimately forgave her husband.

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New further elaborated that Ood’s husband became enraged with him and physically attacked him at his workplace, resulting in a broken bone in his finger.

Ood’s husband reportedly issued a death threat against New as well. New said he filed a complaint with Bang Lane Police Station but his case was ignored.

New added that he decided to seek help from the media because he noticed a suspicious man on a motorcycle stalking him. He was worried about his safety.

Adultery lie

Ood told Channel 7 that what New said was a lie. She had never suspected her husband of committing adultery and never hired New to investigate her husband’s so-called secret relationship.

Ood recounted that New approached her, alleging that her husband was involved in an affair with Jang. New proposed that Ood pay him 10,000 baht for further details. Initially sceptical, Ood eventually succumbed to New’s persuasion and paid him 5,000 baht.

Subsequently, Ood confronted her husband directly and discovered that New’s claims were false. Her husband confessed to assaulting New, citing anger over New’s deception in coaxing money from Ood with a fabricated adultery tale.

Ood’s husband insisted that the case went through the legal process and had already paid an 18,000 baht fine to the court on February 23. The case has already ended, and Ood’s husband insisted he had never issued a death threat to New.

The accused mistress, Jang, also confirmed with Channel 7 that she had no romantic relationship with Ood’s husband. New’s fake story almost made her husband divorce her. She was also confident that the death threat was another lie from New.

Jang suspected that New’s actions stemmed from her refusal to lend him money as she had done previously. New had borrowed money from her on multiple occasions, resulting in a total debt exceeding 10,000 baht.

When New attempted to borrow an additional 1,000 baht from her and was denied, Jang speculated that New may have become angry and sought revenge.

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