Thai man discovers MP wife’s adulterous monk-ey business (video)

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A Thai man caught his Democrat Party politician wife committing adultery with a Thai monk who was also their adoptive son. The Democrat Party stated that woman would be expelled within three days if found guilty.

Local news Facebook page, Esor News, yesterday accused the 45 year old wife of a former Thai politician of adultery with a 24 year old Thai monk. According to the page, the former politician and his wife had also adopted the monk as their son.

The page later claimed that the wife, identified as Por, had previously run as a candidate MP in the northern province of Sukhothai for the Democrat Party but was unsuccessful in the General Election. However, Por remains a member of the party.

Esor News included a timeline of the relationship between Por and the monk in the post. Por reportedly knew the monk several years ago but began to have more frequent contact with him in February this year.

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Por often visited a temple where the monk resided but her husband assumed she was simply engaging in acts of merit and initially harbored no suspicions about her behaviour.

Por and her husband often lived separately, with homes located in Bangkok and Sukhothai province. However, the husband later discovered that Por had been meeting with the monk multiple times during his absences, particularly at night.

Furthermore, the husband noticed alterations in their bedroom at the Sukhothai residence, indicating that someone had been using it while he was away.

Deny sexual relationship

As suspicions grew, the husband decided to return home from Bangkok to Sukhothai on March 22 without informing Por. He decided to record a video as he entered the bedroom, which later went viral on social media.

In the video, the husband entered the room and spotted a monk robe. He continued walking until finding his wife and the monk lying together on the bed. He pulled the blanket off the bed revealing that the two of them were naked. His wife is seen immediately getting up and trying to grab his mobile phone to end the recording.

Por told her husband that she did not engage in any sexual activities with the monk. The monk just came to take a shower in the bedroom.

Esor News added that another Thai woman who previously had a close relationship with this monk confirmed the relationship between Por and the monk to the page. This woman claimed that the monk told her that he had sex with Por multiple times.

Esor News also made another accusation against Por, alleging that she was wealthy because she embezzled party funds.

Thai netizens flooded the comment section with criticism of the politician’s bad behaviour with the monk with many others demanding the Democrat Party clarify the issue.

Investigation launched

Democrat Party spokesperson Ramate Rattanachawang came forward to clarify the matter to the public today, April 11. Ramate admitted that the female politician in the news was a member of the party but insisted that she had no significant role or position in the party after the General Election last year.

Ramate further made known that he had reported the issue to the party leader, leading to the establishment of a special committee to delve deeper into her adulterous conduct. Ramate stated that such actions were deemed a breach of ethical and moral standards as a politician, representing a failure to uphold the role model status expected by the public.

According to Ramate, the investigation is anticipated to conclude within three days. If found guilty, the female politician would face immediate expulsion from the party.


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