BYD electric bus charges Thong Lo roads in Bangkok

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In a move towards eco-friendly commuting, BYD, the leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer from China, has unleashed its electric bus onto the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Offering complimentary rides to commuters in the vibrant Thong Lo area until April 30, this trial run marks a pivotal moment in Thailand’s transportation landscape.

Under the auspices of Rever Commercial Vehicles Ltd, the authorised dealer of BYD EVs in Thailand, the test run signifies a bold leap towards sustainable urban mobility.

CEO Pratarnwong Phornprapha expressed the significance of real-world testing, particularly following BYD’s recent nod to establish an assembly facility for EV buses and trucks within Thailand, marking the company’s inaugural production site beyond Chinese borders.

Navigating the thoroughfares of Thong Lo, one of Bangkok’s busiest business districts, the BYD B70 bus shuttles passengers between shopping hubs and tourist attractions. From Thong Lo Port to the Thong Lo BTS station, this emission-free marvel traverses key landmarks from dawn till dusk, boasting a 36-seat capacity and a remarkable 150-kilometre range on a single charge.

Equipped with modern conveniences such as USB charging ports at every seat and accessibility features like wheelchair ramps, the B70 exemplifies BYD’s commitment to passenger comfort and inclusivity. CEO Pratarnwong highlights the pivotal role of EVs in combatting air pollution, citing the B70’s low carbon emissions as a boon for urban environments, reported The Nation.

As positive feedback floods in from passengers, Rever Commercial Vehicles sets its sights on expanding electric vehicle production to cater to various sectors, including tourism, logistics, and mass transit.

In related news, Phuket is gearing up for a greener future with the launch of a free air-conditioned electric bus service in the heart of the city. Scheduled to accelerate on May 9, this eco-friendly initiative is driven by a collaboration between local companies under the banner of PKCD and the Sustainable Tourism Development Foundation.

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