Pattaya incident: Police investigate Thai guide’s fatal fall at a hotel

Photo Courtesy of Chaiyot Pupattanapong, Bangkok Post

A tragic Pattaya incident unfolded at a hotel as a Thai guide suffered a fatal fall from the fourth floor balcony of his accommodation. Pattaya authorities rushed to the Malibu City Place Hotel at around 6.30am, following a distressing call about the discovery of the guide, Puwasit Chailangka, lying lifeless in the parking area adjacent to the hotel premises.

The 48 year old man is said to have plummeted from Room 42, situated on the fourth level of the five-storey establishment.

Kachornsak Jongmangkang, the hotel receptionist, came forward with his account of the unnerving incident. The 30 year old said a loud noise caught his attention at about 6am, which initially led him to believe that a power transformer might have exploded.

However, the receptionist’s suspicion quickly pivoted upon hearing the buzz of an alarm. When he ventured towards the source of the sound, it appeared to have originated from a mobile phone. To his shock and dismay, that trail not only led him to the mobile device but also to the lifeless body of Puwasit. Following the distressing find, Kachornsak immediately summoned the police, reported Bangkok Post.

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In the wake of this shocking Pattaya incident, an investigation was promptly launched by Pattaya Police to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the episode. The case continues to be under study, with the authorities exhausting every possible lead to uncover the truth behind this untimely demise.

Death by falling from a tall building is nothing new in Pattaya or Thailand. Last week a 19 year old intern was discovered severely injured in a car park after an apparent fall from a six-storey building. The young man was found in an undressed state with noticeable wounds on his body. Read more HERE.

In an even more poignant turn of events, an Irish expatriate fell from the 23rd floor of his Bangkok condominium. The man, wrestling with significant financial strain and consumed by the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, tragically chose to end his life. Read more HERE.

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