Thailand’s fruit exports to China keep on peel-ing with a juicy growth

Thailand, already a dominant fruit exporter to China, witnessed a remarkable growth of 3.72% in 2022, generating more than 168 billion baht in revenue. The country’s thriving fruit industry found an avid market in China, which imported over 2.17 million tonnes of Thai fruit last year, according to a recent report from the Commerce Ministry.

A diverse assortment of Thai fruit, such as bananas, coconuts, durians, dragon fruit, and longans consistently ranked highly in Chinese imports. These fruits were exported in various forms, including fresh, frozen, dried, and processed, catering to the diverse palates and culinary preferences in China.

For instance, a staggering 95% of durian consumed in China was imported from Thailand, highlighting the strong demand for this unique and aromatic fruit. Additionally, 523,000 tonnes of coconuts were exported to China, further testifying to the solid partnership between the two countries in the fruit trade.

A variety of transportation methods were employed by Thai traders to export fruit to China, with 51% being transported by boat, 48% by land and a small fraction (0.54%) by plane. This growth not only benefits Thai traders but also provides lucrative opportunities for Thai crop growers to expand their global market reach.

Government spokesman Anucha Buraphachaisri said…

“The growth of Thai fruit exports to China shows that the Chinese market is still the biggest and most important for fruit consumption. This presents an excellent opportunity for not just Thai traders but also local crop producers to expand their boundaries in the global market.”

Furthermore, a recent observation trip to Mo Han customhouse and train customhouse in Yunnan, China, led by the Permanent Secretary of Commerce in March, sought to explore trade and investment prospects for the upcoming Thai cropping season. Representatives from both the public and private sectors actively participated in discussions centred on the expansion of the Thai crop industry.

In addition to fruit exports, the country’s rice trade has also experienced significant growth. During the first quarter of 2022, Thailand exported 2,063,927 tonnes of rice, marking a considerable 29.3% increase compared to the same period the previous year. These rice exports brought in revenue amounting to 38,066 million baht, according to Ronnarong Phoolpipat, director-general of the Foreign Trade Department.

The continued success of Thailand’s fruit and rice industries is indicative of the substantial trade synergies between Thailand and China. As global supply chains continue to evolve, the two countries’ burgeoning partnership not only strengthens their economic ties but also has the potential to spur further growth and development in the region.

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