Thai fans press couple to return diamond pendant to Jackson Wang

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Thai fans of Hong Kong singer and rapper Jackson Wang put pressure on a Thai couple to return a lost segment of his diamond-encrusted Buzz Lightyear pendant after they discovered it in Phuket and tried to sell it.

Wang visited Phuket to celebrate his birthday at a beach club in the province on March 27. During his birthday party, Wang wore a necklace with a Buzz Lightyear pendant encrusted with diamonds. Unfortunately, the left leg of the pendant went missing.

A high-end jewellery brand designed the Buzz Lightyear pendant and necklace, Trice Jewelers. They were encrusted with more than 6,000 pieces of diamonds, amethysts, and other precious stones, estimated to be worth about 2.3 million baht.

Wang’s Thai fans helped the celebrity recover the item by sharing the story on social media. After the story went viral, Praew, a jewellery store owner in Phuket, came forward to share that a Thai couple attempted to sell the diamond leg to her on April 22.

Praew said she was a big fan of Wang and recognised it immediately. She offered to buy the model’s leg for 100,000 baht but the couple refused. They left her shop and attempted to sell it elsewhere.

Praew decided to contact two other jewellery stores in the area to advise them not to buy the diamond leg and reported the matter to the Cherng Talay Police Station.

Valuable pendant returned

In an interview with ThaiRath, Praew expressed her emotions on the subject.

“I am a big fan of Jackson Wang. I got goosebumps and almost cried when I saw that diamond leg. I saw his signature on the feet of the model too. I felt sorry for him that he lost his beloved accessory. I tried to buy it from the couple because I wished to return the pendant to him myself and have a chance to hug him once.”

Praew described the couple as wearing football shirts and shorts, and her store’s CCTV camera recorded their identities. She urged the couple to turn over the accessory to the police to avoid further legal action.

Cherng Talay Police Station Superintendent Weerapong Rakkhito, later updated the media that a Thai man visited the police station on the evening of April 22 to hand over the lost diamond leg.

The man’s identity was not revealed to the public but his picture was shared on the Phuket Hotnews news Facebook page. He was seen wearing a football T-shirt as Praew described to the media before. However, it remains unclear whether the man knew the leg belonged to Wang.

Weerapong insisted that the pendant part would be returned to Wang either through the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Bangkok or Wang’s team.

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