Thai drama’s similarities with Korean series sparks controversy

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A Thai drama’s debut has sparked buzz online as netizens compare its premiere shots to those of the Korean series Lovestruck in the City (2020).

Titled Until We Love, the romantic comedy revolves around an unconventional relationship that develops between a stepson and his stepmother, portrayed by the popular duo Mark Prin and Yaya Urassaya. Directed by Nok Thanthaphon, the drama has been well-received since its teaser release. However, some viewers have raised questions about its striking similarities to Lovestruck in the City.

The controversy ignited when eagle-eyed fans noticed that scenes from Until We Love bore an uncanny resemblance to the Korean series. Initial thoughts by many were that perhaps the producers had acquired the rights to remake the Korean drama. Yet, upon further research, it was discovered that Until We Love is an adaptation of the novel and television drama Likit Kammathep by Arita.

Comparisons made frame-by-frame between the teaser of Until We Love and stills from Lovestruck in the City reveal numerous parallels. Both feature heroines betrayed by their lovers, chance encounters with the male lead at the beach, surfing lessons, and intimate moments inside a camper van, culminating in the heroine’s sudden disappearance the following morning.

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While the main plot may differ, the resemblance in the opening sequence is undeniable, prompting viewers to seek clarification from the drama’s producers, reported KhaoSod.

The situation raises important questions about the line between inspiration and imitation in the entertainment industry. It also highlights the global influence of Korean dramas on television content worldwide.

As the Thai drama series continues to air, the producers have yet to address the concerns publicly, leaving fans to speculate on the origins of these strikingly similar scenes.

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