Thai Defence Ministry prioritises flood response in annual fiscal policy

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The Ministry of Defence in Thailand recently put forth a directive highlighting the urgency of flood response preparations by military units. This announcement followed a Defense Council gathering that outlined the yearly fiscal policy under the jurisdiction of the Defense Ministry.

The goal is to bolster administration efficiency and smooth functioning within the ministry.

A crucial aspect of this policy is the management of potential flood situations. The directive instructs all military units to develop detailed strategies to tackle any imminent flooding.

The course of action encapsulates immediate responses such as civilian evacuation, establishing field kitchens, and provision of relief supplies and vehicles, along with strategies for post-flood recovery.

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The defence policy is categorised into two parts: general and specific.

The general segment of the policy is in alignment with related laws, national strategies, and government policies, to deliver substantial results in national security, ministry management, and military development. On the other hand, the specific segment propels the swift modernisation of the military, underlining its integral role in the security of the state in the 21st century and as a trustworthy institution for the people.

At the heart of the defence policy lie eight pivotal areas of focus. These include transitioning towards a voluntary military draft system while ensuring an optimal number of conscripts, and revising the military structure for agility and modern requirements. Additional areas involve adjusting agency structures under the Defense Ministry and updating the military training curriculum.

The Defence Minister fervently encourages all units to embrace this framework, thereby fostering a unified approach to their missions, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, due to the impending formation of the coalition government in July earlier this year, the Thai military’s reshuffle that happens annually had to be delayed in light of this. Read HERE to find out more details!

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