Thai couple arrested after woman flees cops with boyfriend’s help

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A Thai woman arrested for theft escaped from Sattahip Police Station on Sunday thanks to help from her boyfriend. The couple was later arrested last night, June 24.

Sattahip Police Station officers arrested the 20 year old woman, Naranya Areepong, at a shopping centre after she attempted to steal two bottles of imported alcohol at about 10.30am on Sunday, June 23. She was taken to the police station for questioning.

While officers were logging the case on the system, Naranya asked to go outside the police station to make a call to her family to bail her out. Officers allowed her to do so but Naranya took this opportunity to escape from the police station.

Naranya’s boyfriend, later identified as 36 year old Arthit Wattanasuk, picked her up at the police station on his black motorcycle. The couple was heading to Pattaya, so police coordinated with relevant officers to stop them along the way.

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Police officers were unsuccessful in apprehending the couple and could not find their whereabouts. Subsequently, they contacted Naranya’s father and encouraged him to cooperate with the police in apprehending his daughter.

They requested her father to phone Naranya and inform her that her child was in tears and desired to see her. The father arranged a meeting with Naranya outside a convenience store in the Ban Chang district of Rayong province, where Naranya was subsequently arrested.

Naranya led the police to a rented room where she and her boyfriend had been evading arrest. Arthit was present in the room and was arrested there.

Arthit stated that he felt sorry for his girlfriend and did not want their daughter to live without her mother. They initially escaped arrest into a forest before moving into a rented room. Arthit added that he dyed his hair from a blonde colour to black in order to escape arrest but still failed.

The legal charges and punishment against the couple have not yet been made public.

Thai couple arrested after woman flees cops with boyfriend's help | News by Thaiger
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ORIGINAL STORY: Suspect in Sattahip vanishes from police station after alcohol theft

A daring escape took place yesterday at Sattahip Police Station when a suspect was whisked away by an accomplice, leaving police scrambling for clues. The suspect, who had been apprehended for stealing alcohol from a local mall, managed to flee the scene with the help of a man on a motorcycle.

At 1.52pm, the Chief of Sattahip Police Station in Chon Buri, Thanapol Klin Kesor, received a report about the dramatic escape. The man, described as being between 35 and 40 years old with blond hair, a short back and sides haircut, and a moustache, rode a black Honda motorcycle with an unknown license plate.

He entered the police station under the pretence of being a relative of 20 year old Naranya Areepong, the suspect accused of theft, and managed to help her escape just as she was about to be questioned by investigators.

Earlier that day, at 10.50am, Naranya had been caught by security guards at a Sattahip department store while attempting to steal two bottles of foreign alcohol, valued at 2,025 baht. The guards detained her and handed her over to the police, who then brought her to the Sattahip Police Station for further investigation and evidence collection.

While waiting outside the station, Naranya was approached by the man on the motorcycle. Claiming to be a relative, he asked to speak with her briefly. Seizing the opportunity, Naranya quickly jumped onto the motorcycle, and the duo sped away from the scene, heading towards Pattaya.

Police officers immediately launched a pursuit, coordinating with nearby stations to set up roadblocks and track the fugitives. Despite their efforts, the pair managed to evade capture. Investigators are now reviewing CCTV footage from the area, hoping to identify and locate the suspects.

The department store has officially filed a complaint against Naranya for theft, and police are urging anyone with information about the two Sattahip suspects to come forward. As the search continues, police are focusing on identifying the man on the motorcycle, whose actions facilitated Naranya’s escape, reported KhaoSod.

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