Thai chicken vendors drum up controversy by winging it to rip off South Korean YouTubers (video)

Photo via YouTube Channel 컬렌 Cullen HateBerry

Thai vendors of a renowned deep-fried chicken store in the southern province of Songkhla faced criticism from Thai netizens for overcharging two South Korean YouTubers. The controversy erupted following a video posted by the foreigners, showcasing their purchase of six pieces of fried chicken and two boxes of rice for 520 baht.

The South Korean YouTuber, Cullen shared a video of him and his friend travelling in Songkla province on his YouTuber channel, 컬렌 Cullen HateBerry, on Sunday, September 10. In the video, the duo decided to experience the popular fried chicken store, known as Kaitod MEENA.

Upon arrival at the eatery, they encountered a long queue, forcing them to patiently wait for over an hour before sampling the cuisine. Their order included three chicken thighs, two drumsticks, and two boxes of rice, all amounting to 520 baht.

The South Korean YouTubers appreciated the taste of the food and did not seem shocked by the price but most of the Thai audiences saw that the price was unfair.

Thai netizens complained about the store for overcharging foreigners and called for a boycott due to the perceived unfair pricing. Some pointed out that the video featured English subtitles, which could potentially tarnish the country and store’s reputation worldwide. Many encouraged Cullen and his friend to explore other lesser-known eateries that offered delicious fried chicken at more reasonable prices.

Cullen later provided an update on his YouTube channel and Facebook page, revealing that the establishment had reached out to him after the viral issue. The store informed Cullen that they miscalculated the total cost, which should have been 380 baht, and refunded the difference to Cullen.

Cullen also urged netizens to avoid escalating the situation negatively, aligning his stance with his YouTube channel’s mission to promote a positive image.

However, many Thai netizens expressed their negative opinions against the store saying the shop only made an excuse. Cullen would not have received the refund had the issue not gained traction on social media.

This incident of Thai vendors allegedly overcharging foreigners garnered significant media attention. In January, Thai vendors at the famous Erawan Shrine in Bangkok were accused of extorting Chinese visitors. The vendors reportedly overcharged over 1,000 baht for an offering set.

In February, a travel agency in Phuket was condemned for overcharging foreign tourists who desired to use a health spa in Phuket. The agency charged the tourists double the actual price for access to a health spa, charging 1,800 baht instead of 900 baht.

The most common overcharging complaints were related to Thai taxis and motorcycle taxis. In a report in March, a Bangkok taxi driver made a headline for himself by overcharging a foreign passenger at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. He requested a fare of 1,200 to 1,500 baht per trip from an average fare of 300 baht if turning the meter on.

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