Chatu Mongol Sonakul to lead new Thai Chana Party into historic election

Chatu Mongol Sonakul.

The Thai Chana Party was officially launched yesterday, with Chatu Mongol Sonakul being nominated as its sole prime ministerial candidate.

Party leader Jakkraphong Chuenduang, joined by other members, conducted a shrine installation ceremony at the party’s new operations centre on Pradiphat Road. After the ceremony, campaign vehicles were dispatched to traverse Bangkok.

Established in 2021, the party plans to field 49 candidates in the upcoming election. Ten of them have registered as constituency Members of Parliament (MPs), while the remaining 39 have signed up as party-list MPs.

Chatu Mongol Sonakul, aged 80, was chosen as the prime ministerial candidate due to his background in finance and marketing. The party believes his expertise will significantly contribute to Thailand’s financial and trading development.

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Regarding the party’s campaign policies, Jakkraphong Chuenduang stated that populism would not be the priority. Numerous policies centre around enhancing people’s lives, tackling public health issues, and addressing economic challenges. The party aims to “win people’s hearts and combat poverty” with their comprehensive campaign.

One of the focal points of the Thai Chana Party’s pledges is the establishment of a ministry dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Other commitments include improving administrative structures by reducing the number of cabinet members from 35 to 20 and transitioning the national police system to operate on a more local basis.

When questioned about the party’s decision to inaugurate just two weeks before the upcoming general election on May 14, Jakkraphong explained that they intended to appeal to undecided voters with their policies. According to polls, this group may account for up to 32.6% of the eligible electorate. The party leader believes that their policies will resonate with middle-aged voters looking to secure their financial futures.

With the Thai Chana Party’s official launch and the announcement of their prime ministerial candidate, the political landscape in Thailand gears up for what promises to be an engaging electoral contest.

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