Thai celebrity Beer stirs controversy with mysterious direct message reveal

Photo screen-capped from Bizcuitbeer's livestream

The Voice’s Beer has stirred up a controversy by sharing a mysterious direct message (DM) that pointed towards a celebrity and a well-known host. The message was shared yesterday, January 4, during a live session, sparking a series of varied reactions from netizens.

During the live session, Beer mentioned that a famous person who already had a partner and a well-known host with a wife and child had DM-ed her and sent her hearts. This statement startled many, leaving them curious about the truth and identity of the person involved.

At 2.03am, Beer released the mysterious DM that she had mentioned in the livestream.

“Very cute,” accompanied by a caption that said, “Stop paying attention to Beer. Better spend your time DM-ing your own partner. Whose is it?”

Following the release of the DM, both regular and occasional viewers were excited, waiting to see what would unfold next.

In related news, dive into the unfolding controversy surrounding Beer as explicit content of her surfaces online, leading to a Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) Division 1 inquiry. The accused ex-boyfriend, including prominent figures like Thai singer Prathomphop ‘Top’ Phumklun and others, denies involvement, prompting Beer to take to social media to set the record straight.

The scandal exposes intimate videos and images being sold online, prompting Beer to pursue legal action against those sharing the material. She advocates for the destigmatization of discussions about relationships and emphasizes the need to refrain from victim-blaming.

Amid the ongoing investigation, the accused ex-boyfriend staunchly denies any knowledge of the leaked content, prompting law enforcement to seize his electronic devices. As the story unfolds, Beer underscores the importance of empathy and understanding, expressing gratitude to those who have supported her amidst this challenging situation.

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